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#3993 Mother's Day Card

Send this "Non Romantic Birthday" Mother's Day card w/ your own handwriting by mail directly from Signed. No need to leave your house. Do it all online for $7.99!

See your own handwritten note in this card. It's cool and it's free!

Original design by
Venus Moon Card Shop

Created for you using high-quality paper and ink only in the USA
Card front says: The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love You, Mom...
Card inside says: 10. When you are around, everything is okay 9. YOUR HUGS CAN HEAL ANYTHING 8. Your Cooking Is Tops 7. You Are Always There For Me 6. You Love Me No Matter What I Do 5. You Always Believe In Me, Even If I Don't 4. You're FUN TO BE AROUND 3. You Always Look For The Bright Side 2. You See The Best In Everyone and the no. 1 reason I love you is... You're Just The Best Mom EVER! Happy Mather's Day!

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