Send a birthday card for your special someone who's turning 70!

#32620 Birthday Card

Original design by Stephanie Laird Photography

Card front says: Happy 70th Birthday! There is a freedom in becoming older. You realize the lines in your face are there because you have cared deeply, overcome adversity, and have not given up. That mistakes in life have either led to better places or made you stronger. That what you think of yourself outweighs anything that others think of you. That time is wasted holding a grudge and forgiveness is liberating. That watching a sunset, taking a walk in nature or just being with a loyal dog or cat are some of the most powerful healing powers in the world. That it is great to be with others, but also excellent to be alone. And the best birthday gift, is the birthday itself. Knowing you made another journey around the sun.
Card inside says: Happy Birthday to one of the greatest gifts of all! Here's to another trip around the sun!

#3386 Birthday Card

Original design by Salon of Art

Card front says: AGE is a question of mind over matter... 70
Card inside says: ...if you don't mind, it doesn't matter! HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY

#6505 Birthday Card

Original design by Dragonfire Graphics

Card front says: 70 is... just a number
Card inside says: A really BIG number! Happy Birthday, anyway!

#25612 Birthday Card

Original design by ThePlaidKangaroo

Card front says: 70 is the new
Card inside says: Fabulous!!! Happy Birthday

#6280 Birthday Card

Original design by Walt Curlee

Card front says: Happy 70th BIRTHDAY

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