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#2503 Birthday Card

Send this "Non Romantic Birthday" Birthday card w/ your own handwriting by mail directly from Signed. No need to leave your house. Do it all online for $7.99!

See your own handwritten note in this card. It's cool and it's free!

Original design by
Venus Moon Card Shop

Created for you using high-quality paper and ink only in the USA
Card front says: The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love You, Dad...
Card inside says: 10. You Are Great To Talk To 9. YOU ARE FUN TO BE AROUND 8. You Are Smart 7. You Let Me Do My Own Thing 6. You Are A Hard Worker 5. You Spoil Me Rotten 4. You ARE MY BIGGEST FAN 3. You Make Me Laugh 2. You Can Do Almost Anything and the no. 1 reason I love you is... You're Just The Best Dad EVER! Happy Birthday!

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