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Only two things you can do for an artist. Give him money and show his stuff.

- Ernest Hemingway


This is where we first meet a lot of card designers and artists

We hope you'll consider joining us

If you'd like to know a little bit about us, this link will take you to our “About Us” page.

If you'd like to see some of the great designs that independent designers are selling through Signed today, this link will take you to the Signed homepage.

You make great card designs; we'll make the sales

We strongly believe in and advocate for independent card designs and for the great cards that independence produces.

We put Indie card designs in front of lots of card shoppers every day. We have a long track record of success in e-commerce.

As we see it, your job is to make great card designs and our job is to show them to everyone.

We Don't Have Favorite Cards

We Have Favorite Designers and Artists

Unlike most card publishers, we don't pick cards. We invite designers we believe in to put up, take down, add, subtract or otherwise change his or her card offering. We confidentially provide info about what is selling and what is not selling to our designers. But we're not art directors. We're your marketers; we're your sales force.

We believe that Indie card designers are effectively frozen out of the biggest part of the mainstream market by retailer relationships with large card companies, not by talent.

Getting to Know You Through Your Work

Every artist and designer on the Signed website is here by invitation. We'd love to see some examples of your cards to see if there is a fit between your artistic vision and our commercial vision.

If you'd like us to have a look at your work, please upload ten (10) card designs that you think collectively do a good job of communicating your work. Don't worry about the file format yet; we can view just about anything.

Every Customer Sees and Feels Quality, Every Time

Your work and our shared customers expect to send a very nice card to friends or loved ones. Together, we'll never disappoint them.

Artsy Shark founder, and greeting card expert, Carolyn Edlund examined some of our cards and had this to say: "These beautifully made cards are printed on a high-quality card stock with matching envelopes. Anyone would be pleased to receive such a thoughtful card in the mail." If you visit Carolyn's site you'll see she knows a thing or two about cards (and you just may learn a thing or two, like we do on every visit).

We print every card on 300 gsm museum quality archival paper. This is a matte finish, thick paper that has heft and feels substantial in your hand. We print using a vibrant palette of inks that allow you to specify exactly the shade you have in mind for every element of your card. We work with a nationally renowned color specialist and an independent color testing and calibration lab to ensure that we print what you specify. Many designers have said their work looks better on our cards than on anything they have received from a commercial printer.

Designs that Sell (and don't)

We look for cards that have visual or verbal elements that relate to some narrow interest or aspect of life. For example, we prefer a Yoga card to an exercise card. We prefer a card about fly fishing to a card about fishing.

Of course, we also love a funny card as much as anyone.

The Money Part (plus your logo)

We set the prices for all of the cards on the Signed site. Today they are all priced at $7.99 per card, delivered.

Our standard Terms and Conditions specify that our use of your work will be on a non-exclusive basis. If you join us, you will continue to be free to sell your work everywhere else you like.

Artists and designers join Signed only by invitation. There is no charge to join us, to list your work or for anything else.

If we invite you to join our artist and designers on the site we’ll ask you to agree to a standard set of terms and conditions, but the main promise we really need from you is that you will only put designs on Signed that are 100% you own original work (or that you have the right to display and sell either because the work is in the public domain or because you have a license to display, copy and sell it).

If you accept our invitation we will pay you $0.50 every time we sell your card design. We will also include your logo on the back of each of your designs that we print. We will print your cards and fulfill the orders. There is no charge to you for anything we do - no listing fees, etc.

The Ending

If you’d like us to have a look at your card designs, please share those designs with us using the form below. We’ll review your submission ASAP.

All the best,

Jerry McLaughlin