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Greeting Cards by Seaweed Artist at Signed, | Send a real card in your own handwriting

Send a real card in your own handwriting


Novato, CA


  • Canvas Print Enlargements
  • Fine art deckled edge paper
  • Original hand pressed Seaweed Art pieces



Seaweed Artist

Corinna Kaufman discovered the magnificent seaweed she uses in her art while snorkeling with her parents as a young child on Martha’s Vineyard; their favorite place since 1951. She created her own version of making her Seaweed Art when she was 11, and pretty much has stuck to her original method since then, w and although she still sells a lot of them, she now has her favorite pieces photographed and made into cards or prints, some up to 40"x50". Life and Time magazine photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt was her first famous fan when she was 15. Hospitals carry her art as they find it relaxing or happy, each piece speaking to people differently.

Cards by Seaweed Artist