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Kenmore, WA


  • Watercolor
  • Painting
  • Surface Pattern Design


Traci Bixby Art & Illustration

I’m a painter, dreamer, and stargazer... Raised in the Pacific Northwest I adore this amazing part of the world with its mountains, tree covered islands, deserts, and seas. My childhood was spent dreaming amongst the vast forests and their lakes, exploring every trail I could find. Huckleberries were like treasure and tiny stones filled every one of my pockets. I believe that art can bring us together. It can bring joy, empowerment, and comfort as well as begin the most beautiful conversations of shared experiences and common emotion. My hope is that the work I create will inspire you to feel deeply, to be brave and to cherish the small and dear moments that life brings.

Cards by Traci Bixby Art & Illustration