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Cape Coral, FL


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Rosalie Scanlon Art and Photography

Art has been a passion of mine since I was about 5. I started drawing to impress the kids in the neighborhood, school, teachers and my parents, but most of all, I was drawing because I enjoyed it. In fact, somehow my husband found a batch of my old drawings that I have used on some of my card designs. I also enjoy photography, and was the first one of my friends to get a digital camera. I completed a photography course with the New York Institute of Photography that took me two years as I was also working. I have been designing cards for about 11 years, and I use some commercially purchased art for some of them. I retired early so I would have more time for my art and I am now using software to edit, and create greeting cards and art. I hope you enjoy my designs, and if you should purchase some, thank you. Also if you should recommend my shop to your friends, thanks so much for your help. Rosalie

Cards by Rosalie Scanlon Art and Photography