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Ludington, MI


  • Skeletons
  • People
  • Landscapes



Marie Marfia Fine Art

Marie Marfia is a pastel artist who likes painting skeletons, people and landscapes. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Marie worked the next 30 years as a graphic designer. In 2011, she tried pastels and promptly fell in love with the medium. Now she paints nearly every day. One of eleven children, Marie was the first girl born in her family. Her parents already had seven boys. They didn’t have a girl’s name picked out. The story goes that her father and brothers put their favorite girls’ names into a hat and drew one out. Unfortunately, it was Mitzi. Fortunately, her mom decided to name her Marie Charlotte. To this day, her brothers still call her Mitzi now and then. She currently lives in the Ludington, Michigan area with her husband and two lucky dogs. They have three grown children. Her studio is called The Bonafide Gallery and is located in Ludington, Michigan. She’s there most weekdays and invites you to visit if you’re ever in town.

Cards by Marie Marfia Fine Art