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St. Petersburg, FL


  • Fantasy
  • Day of the Dead
  • Inspirational


The Art of Pamela Joy Trow

I create to the mantra of “Many a Truth is Said in Jest”. My approach is to use colorful images and meticulous detail as a vehicle to transport you into a fantastical world of deeper expression and meaning. I capture the characters of my art with a unique blend of whimsy and depth. Inspired by a career in branding design and illustration, I've recognized the power of the message and story. My signature use of diverse elements, vibrant color, and deep symbolism, is inherent in all of my creations. Working in a variety of media; acrylic and ink, fiber, digital, and mixed media, I seek to create imagery that will create a fervent interest in the meaning behind the paint, threads, pixels, and objects. The themes I focus on are influenced by my environment and unflagging curiosity. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, my love for mythology at an early age encouraged a lifelong exploration of archetypes and metaphor. My time in Santa Fe resulted in a popular series on Day of the Dead. Transplanting to St. Petersburg, Florida, prompted creations of capricious mermaids and sea life themes. Ultimately, I create with a purpose: to share stories of hope and yearning. My wish is for you to be embraced by the messages and allow yourself to smile from inside out.

Cards by The Art of Pamela Joy Trow