Covid 19 Update: The US Post Office is doing a terrific job of delivering the mail, even now. But, in rare cases, a delivery delay may occur.
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Send a real card in your own handwriting

See your own handwritten note in this card. It's cool and it's free!

Original design by
Annie Things Possible

Created for you using high-quality paper and ink only in the USA

Card recipients have said

"The lake picture is gorgeous. Is it hand painted?"
"I can see every detail on these flowers."
"Show off! Now I can’t buy Mom a store card anymore."
"My craft group likes the card and loves this paper."
"You know how I love giraffes. Your dad put it [the giraffe birthday card] in a little frame for me."
"Nicest card I have ever gotten, except for the ones you made me when you were little ☺"
"Who made this thing? Magical elves?"
"You know I have a thing for paper. Exquisite!"
"This card is a keeper."
"Did you have this made just for me?"
"This [bible verse birthday card] is too nice to ever throw away."
"When the envelope arrived I thought it was a wedding invitation – very nice!"
"It doesn’t just look good, it feels good."