Send a oceans themed birthday card for your Other

#24768 Birthday Card

Original design by Spotlight Publications

Card inside says: There Was A Voracious Treasure Hunter, His Name Was Earl. Forever Darting About The Sea Floor, Like A Hungry Squirrel. One Day He Found It. Round And Beautiful, A Glowing Iridescent Swirl. "Now I've Got You!" He Shouted. "Me Beautiful Girl." But The Clam Snapped Shut On The Arm Of Old Earl. Trapped Forever At The Bottom Of That Watery World. Then From The Great Clam These Words Hurl: "Nobody! Nobody! Messes With The Mother Of Pearl!" Happy Birthday- My Litle Pearl

#25163 Birthday Card

Original design by Sandra Rose Designs

Card front says: IT'S TIME TO Shell-ibrate A SPECIAL LITTLE Great Great Granddaughter
Card inside says: HOPE YOUR BIRTHDAY IS FILLED WITH mermaid kisses and sparkly wishes TO LAST THROUGHOUT THE YEAR! Happy Birthday!

#3750 Birthday Card

Original design by Hello Sprout

Card front says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU fintabulous maiden of the sea

#22324 Birthday Card

Card front says: Surf's Up! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!

#15751 Birthday Card

Original design by Denise Bruchman Photography

Card front says: Happy Birthday Kiddo!

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